Friday, April 3, 2009

.::bila aku sudah tiada::.

special entry for my buddy.. zira a.k.a babam.. really miss to say 'babam' in front of her.. im d only 1 who call her like that, not even her famili.. im too close wif her, more than a fren.. she's so special.. she's a special fren.. no fren like her i've found for over 23 years old im now..

my dear friend...

everybody has their own secret.. but we share a lot of thing, a lot of secret.. we trust each other.. we will cry together.. we will laugh together.. we eat together.. we spend our day together.. bla bla bla.. all together... they said we are the twins.. remember? but now, we have our own ways..


after'll walk alone every morning..take k of yourself..i miss the times when we walk together... sometimes in a raining days.. sometimes in a good days.. but we still can makes a jokes to make ourself happy a long the road.. still remember, we always said, 'kalu org tgk kite mesti ckp cmni, kesian budak ni, muka cantik tp tak betul' ..hehe

oh buddy..

how i miss all the moment when i wake u up for a subuh.. how i shout when i c you still sleeping even i've take bath.. sometimes u can sleep when u just sit n hug ur 'bantal busuk'.. im so jealous to c u sleep bcoz u easy to sleep, anywhere, anytimes.. hehe.. its hard to me.. miss the moment when i owez make a noisy n disturb u when u want to sleep..


i miss too all the jokes that u made in front of me.. everybody says u are so silent..but i dont think so! bcoz i know who u are.. all the 'mengong' jokes only happen when u wif me.. when i can laugh wif u again?a big laugh.. no big laugh rite now.. bcoz they r different..bcoz nobody can take your place...

also miss to hanging up and spent our times to window shopping.. test all the shoes.. touch the cloths.. buy an abc's.. sizzling.. vincci.. we enter so many shop but we only buy a few things..


hard to c u crying..hard to c u angry.. n im so scared when the times is coming.. keep smiling bam even all those thing that happen can hurt you.. smile can makes your day better.. smile can make people happy when they wif u..

cik kazira..

forgot me not!! remember all the things that we shared together.. remember all the sweet memories.. find a good friends bcoz good friends are forever...


**wake up for subuh... dont sleep when u know, maghrib will arrive..

**wash all your cloths before its become like an everest.. (as u said in ur blog..hehe)

**beware when u walk alone in the morning...take a good care of yourself..

**do not owez wear a black kurung!!

**dont buy a thing that u know u will not use it..understood?

**find a true friends..not an enemy...

**do not take a bad diet.. just eat!!!!

**done ur meeting minutes..

**if anythings u want to share wif me or need my help, juz roger me, orait?

**last thing i want you to know, i luv u so much babam!!! =D

footnote: when i type this entry, i was crying.. missing u is a hard 4 me.. missing a really good friends.. :((

6 cOmmEnt:

كازيرا said...

jom g lepak sesame balik..

*minit mesy. merupakan suatu kemalasan

[ Ewan The Lagend ] said...

sedih la dite ko...
tapi takde pon name aku.

.::c!kzUrA::. said...



**ish ko la minit tu!

.::c!kzUrA::. said...

ewan the lagend:

name ko takde pasal tu entry tuk zira..ko zira ke?

Farazila said...

dpt keje baru ker??

.::c!kzUrA::. said...


haah la lilo..zura da keje kat sprm..putrajaya...