Thursday, January 29, 2009

.::dari PD ke Lentang pule::.

byk plak program yg dirancang awal bulan 2 ni.. huru hara dibuatnye.. kalu buleh sume aku nk join.. almaklumlah, usia aku di UTM ni tak lame je lg.. so sume aku nk join coz bila aku da pindah nnt, leh la aku imbas balik sume kenangan pahit manis kat utm ni.. huhu sedih plak!!

so awl bulan 2 ni, da ade 2 program gempak.. sonok eh..mmg aku tak sabo nk ikot.. aku mmg kuat bjalan.. ish ni yg kono carik laki yg suko bjalan nih.. nnt leh ler salu g travel.. :p

**info Hutan Lipur Lentang**

Of course most visitors will not give up the opportunity to take a dip in the cool waters of the stream, which is normally at knee-deep level for adults.

You can bathe and swim in the water-pools of the cascading waterfalls, and feel your body rejuvenated by the cool and invigorating waters flowing from the natural source upstream.

Nature lovers can go trekking in the forest and observe or take snapshots of butterflies, birds and insects, and also be fascinated by the variety of flora found there. The Raja Brooke butterflies can be found sometimes in groups, especially at the higher areas of the stream.

Hutan Lipur Lentang is a real jungle or forest, with huge and tall timber trees making up its landscape. In fact this forest reserve is a training ground for the Malaysian forestry officers and rangers, and a jungle research station because of the presence of not only local tree species but also pine trees at the mountainsides nearby.

Besides swimming and bathing, you will also find that there are people fishing at the pools near the cascading falls, either using a rod or with a small hand-held fishing net. They are just fishing for fun as I don’t see any catches made.

Special campsites are available, prepared by the park authorities, and you can arrange to stay overnight or longer if you have not finished enjoying nature at the place. The
soothing sounds of the jungle and the
musical songs of the varieties of wild birds will definitely soothe the mind and spirit.

footnote: ngko pon wahai hutan lipur lentang, tunggu kehadiran gue!!ekeke

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fazemy said...

cee siap ada info lipur lintang lg. lama dh akak tak g sini.

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hehe..msti ler kak..sonok tak terkire ni..tak sabo nk tunggu time pg...

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♥Yanie Putrajaya♥

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yup..mmg mendamaikan...tak sabo nk g nih...